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Reiki I & II Training Course Work:

 - What is Reiki?

  - History & Lineage of Reiki

  - Attunement Reiki I & II

  - Reiki Symbols

-What do the symbols mean? How do I apply them?

  - Proper Reiki Hand Placements

for Client & Self- Sessions

  - Reiki Practice with Classmates/Instructor

  - Various Reiki Techniques to Send Reiki:

*Distance Reiki Sessions*

  - Scanning Energy (Clients & Self)

  - Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

  - How to Begin a Reiki Business (Basics)

- What Reiki Supplies do I need?

- Essential Oils & how that enhances the practice for you & the client

- Intuitive Abilities

- How to determine what abilities you possess & when it is appropriate to apply those abilities with a Reiki Client?

- How to cleanse & protect your own energy from energy drain from others?

- How to keep your own energy purified & to stay rooted & grounded?

- Open to all questions & discussions

Reiki Training 

The Reiki Training Menu Offered:
Virtual or In Person Offerings:

Reiki Training Offerings:

Reiki I $350

Reiki II $375

Reiki I & II Combined $575

Reiki I & II Combined $750
 In Person or Virtual Training for One Individual
scheduled at your convenience

Animal Reiki Training Offerings:

Animal Reiki I $375

Animal Reiki II $400

Animal Reiki I & II Combined $675
Pre-Requsite for Animal Reiki Training:
Must be Certified in Reiki I & II 

Elemental Reiki Training Offerings:

Elemental Reiki I $150

Elemental Reiki II $200

Elemental Rei
ki I & II Combined $300
Pre-Requisite for Elemental Reiki Training;
Must be certified in Reiki I & II

Master Reiki Training

Master Animal Reiki I & II $1875

Payment Arrangements are accepted for Master Reiki Students.
Tuition must be paid in full 2 days prior to scheduled date of training.

Virtual & In Person Options

Group or Individual Options

If you are not a previous Fire Fly Reiki Student pursuing Master Level. Written Application must be completed with in Person Interview. 

Please Note & Please Read:
*** Trainings are Pre-Paid to secure your training spot or scheduled date.
There are no refunds or credits. 
Transfer of tuition to another date is based on case by case only
and NOT guaranteed.

Fire Fly expects you to respect the Reiki, the process,
most importantly Respecting

your role as a Reiki Practitioner (Energy Healer).


Why should I train with Fire Fly?

This is not just Reiki Training.  

We openly discuss Intuitive Abilities, Energetic Boundaries, how to protect one's own energy and not to feel drained by others.

The Reiki Master teaching the training has multiple Intuitive Abilities & shares her personal experience to help her students with abilities to navigate through their own gifts.

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