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Training Outline

 - What is Reiki?

  - History & Lineage of Reiki

  - Attunement

  - Reiki Symbols

  - Reiki Hand Placements (Clients & Self- Sessions)

  - Reiki Practice with Classmates

  - Various Reiki Techniques including Distance Reiki Sessions

  - Scanning Energy (Clients & Self)

  - Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

  - How to Begin a Reiki Business (Basics)

Reiki I & II combined Training Cost $575

IF you choose to divide the training:
Reiki I Training  $350

Reiki II Training  $350


Why should I train with Fire Fly?

This is not just Reiki Training.  

We openly discuss Intuitive Abilities, Energetic Boundaries, how to protect one's own energy and not to feel drained by others.

The Reiki Master teaching the training has multiple Intuitive Abilities & shares her personal experience to help her students with abilities to navigate through their own gifts.

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