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Covid Policy

Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School will comply & follow all State of Arkansas Covid-19 Mandates.

We strongly recommend wearing masks & highly encourage our clients & students to receive their Covid Vaccinations & Boosters.

However, Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School believes & feel it is a personal choice and personal matter. We choose to stay within neutrality on this issue which has become increasingly political and contentious.

If you have a health issue or if you are immune compromised, we strongly urge to reconsider to stay at home, recommend that you choose not to participate in studio classes or offerings.  If you choose to participate with these health risks, you will choose to mask yourself, and be sure to be vaccinated and get your booster shots for your own safety.


Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School will not require masks or vaccination proof at this time.

It is your personal choice and personal responsibility.It is NOT our right to tell you what to do.  You are an adult and free to make your own choices in this life.

By walking through the front door of Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School, you are making a personal choice for yourself.

Covid Policy, Health Waiver, &Liability Release will be signed with all participation of all activities in the Studio and on our premises.  No exceptions!

Disposable Mask

Covid-19 Policy

• State of Arkansas lifted statewide Mask Mandate on February 26, 2021. State of Arkansas lifted Mask Mandate for Gyms & Fit Centers in May 2021.  It is no longer the law and no longer required by the State of Arkansas.  Arkansas Health Department has provided guidelines as suggestions. Please click the links below for suggested Covid-19 Guidelines provided by the State of Arkansas:





• Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School is aligned with State Mandates and we respect and value the Health Department’s Guidelines but we shall not enforce it.  We highly encourage the usage of facemasks for your own health and well-being and to help stop the Spread of Covid-19. We highly encourage all clients & students to schedule your FREE Covid-19 vaccinations including your FREE Booster shots for your own health and safety, (we will provide information where to receive your shots if you inquire), but we (Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School) shall NOT require it.  We believe it is a personal choice.  Everyone is a grown adult and free to make their own choices & decisions.

• Staff will also not be required to be vaccinated or masked when they are on the premises.  We will highly suggest it and encourage the staff to get vaccinated. Again, it is NOT State required. The State has given its residence the power of choice and we shall respect that.

• The Studio & Staff will do our best to sanitize and keep a strict cleaning schedule at the studio & its offices.

• We will provide Hand Sanitation stations in as many areas as we can and as our space shall allow for your convenience. Again, it is your personal responsibility to take heed & bring what you need for your own health & safety pertaining to Covid-19. 

• By signing Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School Liability Release/Waiver (which is required for all to participate), you are agreeing to release Fire Fly Yoga & Reiki School of any liability. By signing the Liability Release, you agree to retain all personal responsibility of risk of injury and risk of exposure to Covid-19 by attending any scheduled classes, event, workshop, training, social gathering, etc. 

*** Please go to the website menu to view personal note from Studio Owner, Cat McGowan, on the topic of Covid-19.

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