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Basic Level 1

For the Novice and New Beginner to any yoga practice. Anyone who is a senior with mobility and balance challenges as well as any person mending from a recent injury and rehabbing or those who suffer from limited mobility.


Level 1+

Full mobility of the body, just completely new to Vinayasa Yoga Practice and out of shape. Has a strong desire to learn traditional yoga flow, feels intimidated and overwhelmed by yoga but really wants to give it a try. Has the ability to do yoga and desires to make the commitment and time to allow the body to adjust, evolve and build strength and flexibility over time. Strong desire to learn and practice consistently to be able to do a full Vinyasa Flow Class with ease and confidence.


Level 2

Mid-level yoga class with a fully mobile body.  Some yoga practice. Some yoga experience.  The student feels confident doing Sun Salutations A & B and he or she is working on progressing their practice. Curious about more advanced and challenging poses or simply satisfied at their current level of practice.


Level 3

Intermediate Yoga Student who is confident in his or her practice and is daring to learn and attempt more difficult yoga postures. Enjoys slow paced and fast paced yoga, on the mat or on their feet. 


Level 3+plus

Advanced Level of yoga students.  Confident in the foundations of Yoga and seeking to be challenged and pushed.  Desires further exploration of their personal yoga practice and journey.  

Class Levels are listed in their descriptions.

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